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Our feature-rich platform was built to take on the tasks no other platform can.
Nothing is too complex or too simple.

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We Love what we do

Our combined experience comes from owning clubs, venues & record stores, producing festivals, concerts & conferences, and providing marketing for some of the largest production companies in the USA.



FearTix is our newest managed solution based on the power of Loop 1 Tickets. You will have direct access to your account manager to assist in anything you may need.

Let us focus on the ticketing and registration - so you can focus on your event.

Basic Services

-- Don't be limited by other ticketing applications --

Timed Entry

Calendar Events

Members Discounts

Custom Tickets

Multi-Gate Entry

Instant Payments

Managed solutions for Haunted Houses

Pricing & Payment

With FearTix you receive the full suite of tools necessary to run and manage your event at no additional charge.

Custom Managed Solution


Connect with Stripe for instant payments

Loop 1

Sign-up for direct payments through Loop1Merchant Services

Custom Pricing

Pricing based on a per case basis

New for 2023

Profit Cap Ticketing & Registrations for large organizations and events.

Make additional Revenue

Does your haunted house, escape room, organization or event meet the following requirements

150k registrations or tickets sales in a 12 month period

Average Registration price of $20

Then don't let your numbers go to waste

Payment Examples:
150k registrations/tickets = $57,500
250k registrations/tickets = $162,500
500k registrations/tickets = $425,000
1Mil registrations/tickets = $950,000

Payment examples based on our standard fee of 7% vs $1 min | 12 month period | Average price of $20

Industries Served

Nothing is too complex or too simple.

Venues | Arenas
Tours | Concerts
Haunted Houses
Promoters | Agencies
Museums | Civic
Sport Registrations
League Memberships
Theme Parks
Theaters | Play Houses


Loop 1 Inc | Austin, TX


Loop 1 Inc | Austin, TX